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Dean Sawyer

For Mayor of Newport, OR

Dean Sawyer has served on the Newport City Council for eight years and has worked for the City of Newport for thirty years. He has the experience and leadership skills to be the Mayor of Newport. 

The Leadership Our City Needs

Dean has worked hard on issues the Council has had to deal with.
The plastic bag issue
Pool bond issue
Building the water treatment plant
The fluoride issue
Saving Forest park
Established Council Town Halls
City donation of properties to Habitat for Humanity
Safe Haven Hill
Transition of old pool into School District offices
Lighted pedestrian crossings on Highway 101
South Beach Urban Renewal projects

Goals as Mayor

To get the citizens feedback on revitalization of the downtown core area.
Increase the cities social media exposure to let everyone know what the council is working on.
Working on the homeless issue by partnering with Lincoln County, faith based groups, Samaritan House, Grace Winds, Jonah’s Whale and others. 
Providing porta potties in areas frequented by homeless folks
Finish the Vacation Rental ordinance update to make sure it mirrors our community needs
I support having a local manager, three strikes your out, and limits to VRD’s in Nye Beach and Agate Beach
Reestablishing the Newport Police Department involvement in a county wide drug team
To establish discounts for low income seniors and disabled for utility rates
To continue to work with Lincoln County, Lincoln City, Toledo and Proud Ground to get work force housing in Newport
To continue to evaluate city properties that can be used for Habitat for Humanity housing
To encourage residential over retail development
To implement Vision 2040 goals
Undergrounding of power lines on Highway 101 and Highway 20
Work to reduce Nye Beach negative outfall
Increase parks, trails, and bike routes in the city

Town Halls

Eight years ago I established Council Town Halls that met in various parts of town such as Nye Beach, South Beach, Agate Beach, the bay front, to have casual conversations with residents on issues affecting their neighborhood. Most folks can’t attend City Council meetings that sometimes go on past 10 PM and have to wait to ask questions or give input on agenda items. The Town Hall meetings are informal and there is no specific agenda where residents can ask Council and City Staff questions and get answers. As Mayor I will continue to have neighborhood Town Halls.


Why I Choose Not to Accept Donations

I do not accept donations or endorsements. I do this on my own so I can serve every one in town and not be obligated to anyone. 
I want to be accountable to every one in Newport. 

About Dean Sawyer

Current Newport City Councilor
Occupational Background:
Siletz Tribe Emergency Management Planner Ten Years
Newport Police Sergeant and Interim Chief of Police Thirty Years
Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Two Years
Prior Government Experience:
Newport City Council Eight Years
Chair of the Urban Renewal Agency
Executive Board Member Cascades West Council of Governments
Newport City Council President
Lincoln County Local Emergency Planning Committee
Lincoln County United Way Emergency Food Committee
Lincoln County Local Public Safety Coordinating Council
Council Liaison to the Tourism group Destinations Newport

Why Vote for Dean

I have the experience and leadership skills after serving in the Newport Police Department in supervision and command positions. 
I have experience at eh policy level from serving on the City Council the past eight years. 
I have the skills and experience to bring all sides to the table to discuss issues and solutions. 
I will listen to all the voices in town and work to meet the needs of everyone that lives and visits Newport. 
I have and will continue to work hard at building community consensus on issues confronting Newport.

Ready to take the next step and vote for Dean!

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